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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got to love Coastal lows.

We have been in a prolonged period of storm activity with coastal lows spinning up just off shore and heading out to sea. That means we have had bit of wind over the last week. I finally got out today and sailed Factory Point with a 5.8m2 sail and 102l board. NW is usually good at Factory and brings out the crew. With most of the W.E.T. contingent sailing all week in Avon no one was there. I thought I was going to end up sailing alone but Matt the guy who runs the Windsurf Resource website showed up as I was getting ready to rig.

It wasn't epic just a good hone your skills day. The wind swell from today's NW and the leftover swell from all the NE wind the previous couple days combined to make it pretty rough. Not exactly what I would call psycho chop but pretty close. It made straight line runs interesting and every once in a while a nice peak would pop up in front of you for a little air. Jibing was most definitely a challenge but it helped me work on keeping my weight forward to smooth out the transition. I even managed to plane out of one or two. There were also quite a few that felt like rodeo rides so I blew my fair share.

Matt went out on a 6.6 and 145l board so he experienced a bit of jostling. He did well though and was planning quite a bit.

The wind is picking up as I type so I expect I'll be out on small gear tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will show itself and take some of the chill off. If not, Oh well. It wont be any worse than sailing in January or February. I do like sailing this time of year. The wind kicks in and the water is still relatively warm so the colder air isn't usually a problem.

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WindsurfResource said...

Chris, had a nice time. Was a bit intimidated by learning to use my new drysuit (both days) and the sub 50 degree temps on Sunday, but loved the sailing, and the sandbars. Factory point is a nice playground. Thanks for your help and advice!