This is a diary so to speak. Documenting the outdoor activities I enjoy. Currently I'm trying to master windsurfing so that subject will be covered extensively. If you read this don't expect award winning writing as it was never really a strong point for me. You may however find a cool photo or two.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Skies

Dave called Tuesday around quitting time to see if I was up for a session. Winds were blowing steady out of the SE 20 to 23 at the closest sensor to his house. I had to beg off due to sinus problems from all the pine pollen I inhaled working last Friday. I did warn him to keep a wary eye to the sky if he ventured out.

An hour later my neighborhood was in the crosshairs of tornadic thunderstorm. Funnel clouds had been spotted, damage was reported, the radar was showing a classic hook echo and Doppler was indicating strong mid level rotation and no sign of weakening. You didn't have to have all that information to know something was up. One look outside and you could tell bad things could happen at any moment. The swirling clouds and green skies were all the indicators you would need. I've heard of the green sky phenomenon but I never actually experienced it until now. It was certainly eerie. We did get a really strong blast of wind and quiet a bit of dime to nickle sized hail. Thankfully we didn't have to go see the wizard.

The curious person I am just had to go out and snap some photos and here they are.

No color enhancement. Too bad they don't do it justice.

This is a poor shot of what was either a dissipating or forming funnel

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gear for sale....

EDIT: Some of this is on ebay now, high bidder gets it.

I need to sell off some of the extra gear I have so I can help finance a few new or at least new to me items.

I wanted to offer them through here first before I post on Ebay & IWS. Hopfully someone local or someone passing through on their way to or from Windfest Hatteras will get themselves a good deal.

Contact me through ccyne2 at hotmail dot com if interested

Click to enlarge Photos

The sails do come with their bags and are in
B+ or better condition

2005 Simmer Style 4.5 $125.00

99 Bic Saxo 264 Free Wave 85l
Stickers are peeling off. No straps (They were junk) I will include the screws and anti twist plates. The board has some checking on the bottom outer layer of skin from the roof rack and a small ding in one rail. No leaks though. Structurally the board is sound.
$$ Make a reasonable offer....
Ideally the fin should sell with the board but I will sell it separately if there are no takers on the board.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday April 3rd, Afternoon session.

I bailed on work about 2:00 to meet Dave for an afternoon Session. When I got there the wind was in the 17 to 22 range with higher gusts. 5.1 and 102l was going to be the call. I had a nagging feeling that was the wrong choice.

Greg showed up while I was carrying my gear over to the rigging area. He decided to go 4.2 so I changed my mind and went with a 4.6 instead of the 5.1, figured I'd split the difference. It ended up being a good decision. I stayed mostly powered to overpowered, at times I wished I was on the 4.1. I did pull out the 85l and try it again. It is just not the board for me so I will be officially putting it up for sale, cheap. It just needs a bigger sail, 5's to low 6's. I just won't use it in that capacity, I have the Cross for that sail range. I'll continue my search for a board in the 80-85l range that works with 4.0 to 5.0. Sure wish I could afford a new one, I'd find another Cross.

Back to the session.... I got a lot more waterstart, jump and gibe practice. The waterstart with the small sails seem so much easier. Trying to start the 5.8 and the 6.7 become a real struggle, what is strange is the 7.8 cammed sail I use is fairly easy to start. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the skinny masts. I made a few more small jumps, most were intentional. I have to work out the timing I keep trying to pop the board the same as I did wake boarding and it feels all wrong. As far as the Jibes. The footwork seems solid, I'm able to get nice carves but the sail flip is still hanging me up. I'm either too early or too late or a gust hits at the wrong time. I'm so close but it is still just out of reach.

Saturday was another good West wind day. I had to miss it to make up for the work I didn't finish on Friday. The forecast for Monday and Tuesday is looking promising but I expect this week will be the usual craziness work wise. Easter Sunday's right around the corner have to get the yards looking good.

I'll post up some pic's later.