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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gear for sale....

EDIT: Some of this is on ebay now, high bidder gets it.

I need to sell off some of the extra gear I have so I can help finance a few new or at least new to me items.

I wanted to offer them through here first before I post on Ebay & IWS. Hopfully someone local or someone passing through on their way to or from Windfest Hatteras will get themselves a good deal.

Contact me through ccyne2 at hotmail dot com if interested

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The sails do come with their bags and are in
B+ or better condition

2005 Simmer Style 4.5 $125.00

99 Bic Saxo 264 Free Wave 85l
Stickers are peeling off. No straps (They were junk) I will include the screws and anti twist plates. The board has some checking on the bottom outer layer of skin from the roof rack and a small ding in one rail. No leaks though. Structurally the board is sound.
$$ Make a reasonable offer....
Ideally the fin should sell with the board but I will sell it separately if there are no takers on the board.

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