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Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Well

I had been hoping today would be a good one for some TOW. Well mother nature threw a curve ball. The forecast had been looking good for a SE thermal to develop at what is fast becoming my usual spot.

This morning I get up and check the IWS cast and the computer models still show what looks to be a promising forecast. Then I check the live update and her forecast is much less promising. Well I loaded the gear up anyway and took it to work with me all the while monitoring the actuals. Sure enough the model was dead nutz the wind was clocking around from west to east, the sun was shining and the band of clouds associated with a trough had come and gone. Ideal conditions for the SE thermal to build.

Around 1 pm I alerted James to my intentions. At 2:30 I checked the actuals again, the SE shift had happened about an hour ahead of schedule and had already built from 2 to 10 in less than an hour. At this point I'm getting excited I'm thinking by 5:30 when I expect to finish my work it should be 5.8 conditions. About 4:00 another band of clouds settled over the area and that thought of 5.8 conditions vanished.

I finished work at 4:45 and checked the actuals again, steady E at 10. About that time James called to confirm my suspicions.... Not looking good for sailing today. I found a few more things to do to buy time for the traffic to lighten up. Finally finishing up @ 6:00 I decide to check the actuals one last time and disappointment set in, SSE at 8, all thoughts of sailing today fizzled. Time to head home.

Wouldn't you know 20 minutes after heading home the wind came up. Not as strong as I hoped but sailable none the less. Would have made for a relaxing 7.8 sunset session. Oh well, sights are now set on Sunday.

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