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Monday, June 23, 2008

Crap!! Denied again

I'll let the photos speak for themselves................

James finishing derigging and smiling because he beat the storm.

Or some other reason, close encounter of the coed kind, maybe?

Preparing for lift off

Afterburners kicking in

I arrived at York River Seafood. Took a couple shots of James while determining what to rig. I headed back to the truck and mounted my fins on the board. Started pulling out my 5.8 when James stepped around one of the buildings carrying his gear. He was wary of the storm so he got off the water. I told him that when I had left home the general motion of the storm was away from the launch. So he decided to wait it out. After 10 minutes we could tell the storm was getting closer. The wind died, the temp dropped, the clouds boiled and bubbled. The motion in the clouds was quite ominous, you could definitely tell atmospheric war was being waged.(too bad I don't have a video camera). Once the wind started coming from the opposite direction we knew it was over. He quickly derigged and I secured my gear.

That storm was 20 miles NW of and slowly moving NE away from the launch when I left home. I can only guess that the seabreeze and the storms outflow combined causing it to build southward while I was driving to the launch.

I started to head for another launch Messick Point but the storm was taking away the wind. Half way there I gave up and called it a day.

These late afternoon seabreeze sessions are proving to be quite frustrating.

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