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Monday, January 25, 2010

Too long!

It's been forever since I've had wind in my sails, at least that is how it felt. December 9th was the last time I was out on the water. Between the Holidays, snow, cold and sickness I have managed to miss every single windy until yesterday.

It was a nice day the temps started out in the mid 40's and was supposed to get up near 60. The pre-frontal winds were due to start kicking in from the SSE and top out around 20 mph. Good for a 100l 5.8 day. Becky and I headed down to sail in Aydlett as the wind was to be stronger and the water about 5 degrees warmer than in the bay. When we got there the clouds started breaking up and the sun was causing the temps to rise further than anticipated, ultimately starting the wind decoupling from the water. That is one of the drawbacks to sailing winter southerly winds around here if you get a 15 to 20 degree difference in the air/water temps The cold water can create a bubble over it causing the winds to lift off the surface. Steve and Billy were out planing on 7.5 and 115ish litre boards when we arrived but within 25 minutes they were schlogging.

I rigged a 6.7 and 140l made a couple runs out and back planning occasionally. Becky used 5.8 and 145l, only made one run due to inadequate booties but she caught a nice gust and motored on out. Billy went back out on a big board schlogged most of the way and came back to try his 9.0. I was way too much for the outside so he put the 7.5 back on. Vito sailed 7.5 and a large board He planed a few runs but the wind had finally completely decoupled only giving us teases of what it could be.

My January sail is in the books maintaining my 12 month club status. Hopefully with all the cold weather coming early this winter, we will get a nice warming trend in February. I hope I don't ever have to go 46 days without sailing again.
No photos this time.....

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