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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nature Therapy

Today started out like any other day get up and get ready to do some work. That's not a bad thing I really enjoy what I do. I did my morning ritual of checking email then the weather and Iwindsurf for the forecast. There was a pretty good chance of wind so I loaded up a couple boards and sails thinking I would finish up @ 3 or 4 and spend the rest of the day sailing.

I started working and in between jobs I noticed I had a small hole in the lower radiator hose. Now I haven't had the best of luck lately, it seems Murphy has a real grudge against me. Anyway when I noticed the hole I restarted the truck hoping the pressure and the leak would subside as the coolant did it's job flowing through the system. That worked so I allowed it to cool for a few minutes then popped the cap relieving the pressure and wrapped the hole with one of the best inventions ever Duct tape. There was enough coolant in the system to safely drive it to the auto parts store and buy the supplies I need. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make it back home or to the shop so I had to change it in the parking lot of the store.

On the way to the store I remember thinking this detour would kill any chance of being able to windsurf. I went in and bought the supplies radiator hose, coolant a drip pan to catch any old coolant from the system ( can't have that coolant just pouring on the ground ). I figured I have to wait for the truck to cool down so I could fix it. Then I remembered I had start pulling the engine out of the race car for tech inspection within 10 minutes of bringing it off the track for a race. I could deal with the hot coolant get this done and go about my business. Well I got the hoses swapped and the truck ready to go in less than 15 minutes. With the hour and a half of downtime I could still get everything done, then spend a couple hours on the water and that just what I did.

There was a decision to be made about where to launch and talking to Glenn about Buckroe's shore break made my mind up. I showed up a Factory Point around 5:20 several guys were on the water Billy, Dr Bob, Pete T. Javier and Larry. Glenn had arrived fresh from Buckroe to say hi and Marcy had just left with a most contented look on her face. Billy, Bob and Pete were all on the outside past the sandbar. They were all well powered on the sails they had, every now and again you would see somebody launch a nice jump off the breaking swell.

I went to set up my board and I saw that everybody was coming in. I walked back over to chat and see what they were on so I could select the proper rig. They were all dialed in on low to mid 6 meter sails and 100l boards. I figured I could get away with a 5.8 and 100l as I'm lighter than most of them. Once I rigged I headed out solo. The combo was perfect I made a bunch of runs out and back hitting little jumps off the swell breaking on the bar. I'm going to have to get some pointers on jumping it seems when I really try to pop the board and get air I just skim over the top of the ramp. It's when I don't really try that I can usually get a little bit of air. I just don't understand how it is done. It is nothing like trying to jump a wakeboard. Though I did get some air on 2 jumps in quick succession. The first one my back foot came out of the strap but I still kept going the second one both feet came out, the board flipped and I came close to landing on my fin.

I had to come in for an adjustment on the mastbase once to settle the nose down on the speed runs and I had to come in once again to tighten my fin screw. I could actually tell that it was slightly loose because of the way the board was feeling. Other than those two instances I spent 2 1/2 hours on the water. I worked on my jibes at each transition. I'm so close but I keep fumbling the foot switch and or the sail flip. I'm going to do a little dry land simulation to build some muscle memory so my feet land in the right spot when I make the switch. I was also able to figure out how to get some speed out of the board in the flat water and how to surf the swell breaking on the bar. Mind you these weren't even what most would call waves maybe 2 feet but I could feel the acceleration on the face, I could sail out ahead of it and cut back to it. I know it isn't much but I figure it will help me prepare for the real thing.

I sailed up until the sun started to set. I didn't have any of the stress left in me from earlier in the day just an nice dull burn from the days work and the windsurf session plus a permanent grin on my face from the fun I just had. One of the crew likened it to an orgasm and I can understand the analogy.

It is not often you get a day this good so close to home, usually you have to go to Hatteras for these conditions. ( steady around 20 from SE ) The best part is there might be more on tap for tomorrow.

No action photos. But here is the sunset that ended the day.

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