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Sunday, January 11, 2009

York point Session

Saturday I sailed with Dave Kashy at York Point. We started off at 1:00 to warm (mid 50's) SW winds and sunny skies. The wind was averaging around 15 mph when we rigged. Dave pulled out his Formula gear to prepare for the race he is attending down in Miami next week. I rigged 6.7 and grabed the Hifly.

The water was very low something like -1' on the tide graphs, plus the wind was blowing it out into the bay so we had to walk out a little bit to get to deeper water. By the time I finished rigging Dave had sailed his way out toward the bay and was making his way back in. I had never seen a Formula board in action and was amazed how high and how deep off the wind that thing would go.

While we sailed the wind continued to increase. I rigged my sail knowing this was likely to happen so early on I was jumping in and out of the straps quite a bit. There were a couple really good runs and as time progressed the gusts were more pronounced making things more challenging.

I figured I'd take a break after one more run out. Half way out the wind speed spiked. Fortunately I saw it comming so I locked in my stance and was able to continue sailing out through it. I made the sand bar where I was practicing my jibes and a more powerful gust ripped sail out of my hand. The wind didn't drop off much as the gust passed it was now sustained in the mid 20's. I started back in and I saw another gust blowing across the water I locked out and braced myself hoping to just punch through it and get back to shore. The wind had other ideas. This gust must have been pushing 30 mph. I was using every bit of strength I had to lever against the sail and over sheet, I just couldn't hold on. The board had topped out and it couldn't go any faster, it was like having a tug of war against 2 NFL linemen. I knew if I stayed hooked in it would likely result in an ugly Catapult so I managed to unhook. That way the sail could just get ripped out of my hands without taking me with it and avert a huge crash.

I held on like that for about twenty more seconds before the next puff finally put me in the water. The water was a brisk 43 degrees but I had my gloves and hood on so it wasn't bad at all. I tried a couple waterstarts but the sail size and high wind wouldn't allow it. I just stayed with the board till it got shallow enough to walk back in. While I was walking I kept thinking "didn't I just go through this same thing at Messick a couple days ago". I have to say today was much more difficult though due to the larger sail. See previous post

Once I was in, the wind continued blowing in the mid 20's or better. The sand being lifting off the beach confirmed this. While we rested and I contemplated rigging down. Dave asked my advice on placing some shrubs and trees that would likely get destroyed in the demolition. We grabbed some shovels and I helped him move them to a suitable location. It was kind of funny us out there in our wetsuits and booties digging up plants. I was sure glad the soil was soft.

The wind steadily dropped as it got closer to sunset and we decided to head out for one last sail. It was schlogging only so Dave did a little freestyle on his formula gear. He talked me into trying to sail back winded, I yelled back to him that I had never tried it and didn't want to fall in again. I was pretty much dry at this point. He assured me we were in shallow water so I tried it. I nearly made it around and then as expected, I ended up in the drink. My feet never did touch the bottom. I did try it a few more times since I was wet again, each attempt was unsuccessful. That is something I will have to work on when it warms up.

Well It is January 10th and I'm still sailing, 2 sessions so far this month. Once February is done the rest of the year will be a cakewalk. I want that 12 month club sweatshirt.


Tide is low

Dave the Wetsuit gardner.

If this is the price to pay for sailing this spot.
No Problem, glad to help.
Still need that haircut, and a shave too!

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George Markopoulos said...

those formula boards are scary fast, hang on and pray you don't get too far upwind, cuz then, its like a bat outta hell!