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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missed it.......

This week, well actually the last two weeks, had several days in a row of good wind during the middle and latter part of each week. This week was by far the windier of the two thanks to the subtropical low that spun off the coast.

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I unfortunately missed every single day due to work. Normally I can adjust the schedule to accommodate at least a half day but not this time. Even had to work a good part of Thursday in the subtropical downpours. I can only hope for some wind Karma to come my way in the near future.

This guy did get out and even got some positive local news coverage.
Look at Thursday's graph to see the conditions. Nice job Keith.

Video link

I did get a chance to catch a little wind last Saturday morning at Factory Point. It wasn't spectacular like it had been the previous two days. I was on a 6.7 but I should have had my 7.8. (note to self.... don't rely on the forecast when loading the truck.) A longboard could have been helpful too, That has to be next on my wish list along with a new wetsuit, sails, trip to exotic WS destination.... Ok now I'm dreaming.

The 10 or so other sailors that showed rigged anything from low 6 to mid 8. Everyone had a similar experience, plane some, schlog some, turn around and do it again in reverse... except for Pete, the guy on the Kona 11.5 and the kite couple from Richmond, they were killing it. Here are some photos.



Waterstart practice


Lisa's husband on the Kona 11.5

C-130 Taking off from Langley.
I thought the vapor trails of the props were cool.

The new strap position on the Hifly did work a whole lot better than the previous configuration but it looks like it may be a little while before I get to test it in more consistent conditions as the forecast for the next seven days does not look too good. The bright side is the Fall frontal winds should be arriving soon.

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